Top 6 nursing students scholarships



There is always a shortage of qualified nurses, and there are a few nursing programswhere you can study, if you want to become a qualified nurse. Not everyone that wants to become a nurse has the money to pay for the training, and that’s why there are a few nursing student scholarships available. Here are the top 6 nursing student scholarships where you can get a nursing scholarship to study nursing.

A.T.Anderson Memorial scholarship

A.T. Anderson was the founder of the American Indian Science and engineering society. Now, in memory of A.T. Anderson, this nursing student scholarship, A.T. Anderson Memorial scholarship provides college scholarships for American Indian as well as Alaskan native students who wants a medical career or a career in science, engineering or math. This will let the American Indian and the Alaskan native’s study the career of their choice without the worries of the study fees.

Nurse Corps

With the Nurse Corps scholarship program, they offered scholarships by the U.S. Health Resources and service Administration. The students that have enrolled in associate, diploma and graduate degree programs can apply for this nursing student scholarship. This will help the student in becoming a qualified nurses if the students doesn’t have the money to study.

AORN Foundation

The AORN foundation, or the Association of peri Operative Registered Nurses, has academic scholarships for nursing program studentswho want to pursuit their careers in nursing. To qualify, every student must be enrolled in a program that prepares students for nursing and must have an average grade of 3.0 or higher. The AORN foundation also considers students who want to study, but which has financial needs. This will ensure that every student that wants to study, but doesn’t have the funds, to pursuit their dreams in becoming nurses.

Babara Rhomberg Excellence in nursing scholarship

Each year B4Brands offers the Babara Rhomberg Excellence in nursing scholarships to five nursing students at the nursing programs. Each student will receive a maximum of a thousand dollars for that year. This money will go directly to the nursing institution where the student is currently studying.

NBNA scholarships

NBNA stands for the National Black Nurses Association. This nursing student scholarship gives scholarships for African American nursing students that are enrolled in B.S.N., A.D. and diploma programs. The maximum amount that they will get is two thousand dollars each year. The students must have at least one year training left, and they must have participated in nursing activities for college students.

Genesis Health scholarships

The nursing student scholarship, the Genesis Health scholarship, gives scholarships up to ten thousand dollars funding to undergraduate nursing students that are enrolled in baccalaureate degree programs. The only thing that the scholarship students must agree is that after they had graduate, they must work at least two years for the Genesis Health System.

If you really want to study nursing, but don’t have the funds for the study, there are some places where you can find a scholarship for helping. You must just know some of the top 6 nursing student scholarships, to fill in an application for a scholarship.


Is a Medical Assistant a Nurse?

Certified Nursing Assistant

Nurses and medical assistants are both part of a coordinated team of health care; however, they do not have the same job responsibilities, level of education, certification status, or income. Depending on the state you live in, job responsibilities can vary greatly, but in general, nurses will serve a more clinical role, while medical assistants may serve in both administrative and clinical roles. Nurses will be more likely to have direct, intensive contact with their patients.

Differences in Job Responsibilities

Some of the similarities in responsibilities between these two roles include taking vital signs, recording a medical history, and/or assisting a physician with minor procedures. A major difference though is that nurses can place intravenous lines (IV’s) for patients and also administer some medications via IV. Most medical assistants are not allowed to perform these procedures without additional training. Nurses can also insert catheters and give oral medications as well. On the other hand, medical assistants may learn to perform venipuncture, to record EKG’s, to perform basic lab tests, and/or to take simple X-rays – procedures that nurses are generally not taught. Nurses can be employed in state facilities, hospitals, long-term care facilities, but medical assistants most qualified to work in a doctor’s office.

Difference in Education and Certification

All nurses, even practical nurses, must sit for a licensing exam (and pass it) in order to work as a nurse. While medical assistants can elect to take a test to become certified, or registered, they are not required to do so in order to be employed. Nurses are also required to graduate from an accredited program in order to sit for their licensing boards. Medical assistants don’t necessarily have to have a degree (though it is a good idea), and can sometimes be trained on-the-job.

Both nursing and medical assistant programs are about two years in duration. Each requires the student to take classes in anatomy and physiology, epidemiology, and pharmacology (along with other general education requirements) at least some of which can be taken online. The difference is that a nursing program is going to cover these topics more fully, and will emphasize critical thinking. Medical assistants may learn the same skill set, but will not be required to learn as much about direct patient care.

Differences in Income

In general, nurses make significantly more money than do medical assistants. Their educational requirements are more stringent than that of medical assistants and patient care responsibilities are greater. Nurses are viewed as professionals, whereas medical assistants are viewed more like technicians, who work under the supervision of nurses or doctors who have much more experience and training

. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the average income for licensed practical nurses is around $41,000 per year. Medical assistants average around $29,000 per year. Online medical assisting and nursing programs can both be quite expensive. The long-term financial reward is greater for , but the work is more demanding in terms of patient interaction. If you are trying to decide what role will suite you best, think about how much time you want to spend in direct care of patients and what kinds of skills you would most like to learn and perform on a daily basis.

How to Choose RN to BSN Online Programs

Finding an online RN to BSN program is easy. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and some time. Selecting an online program that is right for you is similar to the process of selecting a traditional academic program. Online programs offer the same high quality education as a ‘brick and mortar’ facility, with the added benefit of being able to complete a major portion of the work at home. Jotting down a list of the things you consider most important in anacademic program is a great way to begin.

What factors should you consider when choosing an online RN to BSN Program?

  • Admissions requirements
  • Costs
  • Location
  • Faculty to student ratio and availability of online support
  • Number of credit hours required for graduation and transfer credits accepted
  • Accreditation

Admissions and Costs

Admission to most online programs is relatively standard and RN licensure is required as a prerequisite in all transition programs of study. However, look for colleges that celebrate, and give credit for, your particular strengths. For example, maybe you have some experience in research, or a pediatric specialty. Good programs will recognize these accomplishments and give you academic credit for them where appropriate.

Costs associated with continued education can be quite high; however, many employers offer registered nurses tuition assistance as part of their benefit package. Even if you pay out-of-pocket, or utilize federal financial aid sources, investing in higher education is a wise decision.

Location is Key

Though online RN to BSN programs make learning anywhere a reality; location is still an important consideration. Actual coursework can often be offered 100% online, but there may be other requirements that students have to fulfill in order to graduate. For example, some programs require that you attend orientations, seminars, clinical rotations, etc. in a specific location. You may also have to have your exams proctored by someone at a local college or library, and this may incur additional costs. Sometimes meeting these conditions can be accomplished by traveling to a near-by satellite location, but not always. Check to make sure that the program meets your needs.

In online education, it is of the up most importance that your instructors be available to you, as you will likely never meet in person. So selecting a program with a low faculty-to-student ration is your best option for a successful online academic career. For faculty who teach in online programs, the time commitment is often greater than that of traditional class room teaching. In addition to developing the course content, they then have to make it available online.

Also, almost all online courses require some sort of weekly (or even more frequent) posting on a discussion thread, which is an additional time consuming task for the instructor to read/grade – and for the student to complete. In general, completing an online course requires more, not less, time out of your day to manage successfully.

Another time consideration is the number of credit hours it will take to complete the program. Good RN to BSN online programs will have an easily understandable and readily available list of criteria for transfer that will give you as much credit as possible for the licensure that you already hold.Making yourself aware of the specifics prior to beginning the program can save you both time and frustration.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Final Considerations

Enrolling in a fully accredited RN to BSN online program is a must! Some colleges will tell you that they are in the accreditation process, which may be true. However, unless they achieve that status prior to your graduation date, it will be inconsequential to you. No matter how well you perform as a student, if your college or university program, as well as the institution itself, is not accredited, your degree will be worthless in the work world. All colleges and universities must make public their accreditation status and give the name and contact information of their accrediting board. These boards govern by region and can be easily found via the Internet.

A well thought out search and a reasonable time investment can yield a wide variety of programs for your review. Use your colleagues and supervisors as additional resources. They will likely have first-hand information about the best available programs and can help you narrow down choices that will be perfect for you.

Choosing an Online Nursing Degree

good nursing graduation

Not all online nursing degree programs are created equally, and choosing one to fit your needs is a major decision. However, there is a vast amount of readily available information to assist you in making the best choice. Before you begin your search, ask yourself if an online program is the right choice for you.

Being a successful online student means that you must be self-motivated, self-disciplined, and effective at managing your time. Traditional programs offer you the advantage of being a ‘recipient’ of learning by attending lectures and taking notes;online programs require that you take a more participatory role. You initiate when and how you study, when you complete tests, and when you turn in assignments. Over all you have a much freer hand in managing your program, but a ‘freer hand’ can result in procrastination. The best online institutions teach learning strategies and may even provide ‘quizzes’ to assess your readiness for success in completing their program.

I’m Ready…What Now?

If you have decided that an online nursing degree program fits your lifestyle and goals, then the next logical step is to investigate schools that offer the program you wish to complete. If you are seeking an associate level program (generally a two-year degree) for registered nurses, your options are somewhat more limited than if you are looking to advance an already earned RN degree. Quality online RN programs do exist, but be aware that most require a combination of online and on site education. Clinical rotations must be completed in a medical setting, but your institution will generally provide a list of available sites near your home. Just as you would if you were evaluating a traditional course of study, consider factors such as cost, number of credit hours to complete the program, faculty-to-student ratio, and the institution’s accreditation status.

Finding the Best Match

Finding the perfect program for you requires that you evaluate your needs carefully and research online programs that are going to best meet those needs. Most RN programs have standard prerequisite course work that you must complete prior to applying for the RN degree, so look carefully at specific admission requirements as you conduct your research.

If you have never taken an online course, a great way to get an introduction to distance learning is to complete a class at your local community college. Enrolling at your community college is a cost-effective way to get some practical experience in online learning and to meet prerequisite requirements at the same time. Additionally, completing a distance learning course at a community college near your home may allow you to utilize resources such as the learning center, to help you master the unique demands of online learning.

Ready, Set, Learn!

good nursing graduation

Once you have selected and enrolled in an online nursing degree program, get ready to learn. Here are some tips that will aid in your success:

• Set aside some time to study each day during your ‘work’ week (preferably around the same time every day)

• Prepare an area in your home solely for use in completing your work in order to keep your materials organized and help you stay focused

• Use a month-at-a-glance calendar to record important dates (like your tests) so that you can set aside time well ahead

• Don’t plan marathon study sessions without taking significant breaks – no more than three hours study at a time is optimal

• Network with other students in your virtual classroom – form study groups and discuss any challenges you are facing

• Do recognize that learning is a process that occurs across time and that it takes practice to become a successful student.

Five of the Best RN to BSN Online Programs


Finding the best RN to BSN online programs can be a daunting task.Programs can vary greatly in terms of the cost of attendance, the number of credit hours required for the degree, reputation, residency and clinical requirements, and faculty-to-student ratios. The following five schools are some of the best ranked, well-known universities. If you are seeking significant advancement in your field and want to impress potential employers with your academic background, consider one of the following colleges:

1. Sacred Heart University Online

a. Tuition – $500 per credit hour
b. Faculty-to-student ratio – low
c. Religious affiliation – Catholic
d. Number of credit hours to complete – contact Sacred Heart Directly
e. Financial aid available – yes
f. Residency requirement – contact Sacred Heart directly

2. Drexel University Online

a. Tuition – $545 per credit hour
b. Faculty-to-student ratio – low
c. Religious affiliation – not known
d. Number of credit hours to complete – 180 quarter credits – self-paced (can do just one class at a time)
e. Financial aid available – yes
f. Residency requirement – no

3. Seton Hall University Online

a. Tuition – $797 per credit hour
b. Faculty-to-student ration – low
c. Religious affiliation – Catholic
d. Number of credit hours to complete – 122 credit hours, flexible scheduling
e. Financial aid available – yes
f. Residency requirement – yes

4. Kent State University

a. Tuition – $411 (residents)/$773 (nonresidents) per credit hour
b. Faculty-to-student ration – low
c. Religious affiliation – none
d. Number of credit hours to complete – 122 credit hours, flexible scheduling
e. Financial aid available – yes
f. Residency requirement – no

5. Chamberlain College of Nursing

a. Tuition –not published
b. Faculty-to-student ration – low
c. Religious affiliation – none
d. Number of credit hours to complete – 3 semesters
e. Financial aid available – yes
f. Residency requirement – no


Although getting admitted to a doesn’t guarantee you a great job upon graduation, it can certainly help. In addition to the competitive qualities outlined above, these school offer excellent student support: academic, career, personal, and/ or technical. Additionally, their faculty members are well known and respected in their disciplines, and can offer excellence in academics and practical information to help you determine the best career path for you.

One of the common themes that these top 5 RN to BSN online programs share is a commitment to evaluating and treating the whole person. In other words, they have embraced a more comprehensive model, which views illness and recovery a journey shared by and promoted by the whole medical team, including the patient. This model is a vast improvement over the standar from years past, which highlights the illness a person has, rather than the person him/herself.

RN to BSN Online – The Top 5 Benefits


In past years, earning an associate level RN degree provided sufficient training to earn a good income and to competently perform general nursing duties. In today’s tough job market; however, there is an increasing demand for nurses to earn a BSN. Many nurses are reluctant to continue their educations, believing incorrectly that a BSN will not make much difference in their work life. Even in a high-demand field like nursing, it pays to advance your education.

Here are the top 5 benefits of pursuing an online BSN:

1. Improved patient care – nurses with BSN training are better able to handle the stringent demands of an increasingly complex care system. In addition to clinical training, bachelor’s level nurses are taught communication, leadership, research, and critical thinking skills.

2. Better job opportunities – potential employers recognize that a bachelor’s level education has a significant impact on patient outcomes; therefore, they want to hire those who have earned that status. Some medical facilities now require that you either have the bachelor’s degree or that you pursue it after you begin your employment. This can be an advantage as they will often pay at least some of your tuition and other expenses.

3. Greater income potential – while you may not earn a significantly higher salary initially, over the course of your career your opportunities to increase your income will be much greater.

4. More diverse opportunities – many of the best-paid and most sought-after jobs in nursing require a master’s degree, all of which have the completion ofa bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite. Pursuing your BSN early on in your career will give many more options in how you want to advance, and what specialty best suites your interests and skills. Some of these careers can average as much as $90,000 to $100,000per year (Occupational Outlook Handbook,

5. Transition into less physically demanding but higher paying jobs – burnout is a common compliant of nursing professionals. Most hospitals schedule their floor nurses for a minimum of 12 hour shifts. As you grow older, these demands become more and more difficult to manage. A BSN can pave the pathway for moving into management and into leadership positions, research, and/or other non-direct patient care roles.

By now you should be giving serious consideration to pursuing an online RN to BSN program. If you still have concerns about the benefits of the advanced degree, talk with your peers and your supervisors at work.


They will likely be an excellent resource and can even advise you on the specifics of various programs. Additionally, local colleges have reams of information available on the various specialties available in nursing, along with pertinent information about potential earnings, responsibilities, and job satisfaction rates. Another excellent resource to review is the Occupational Outlook Handbook; a free online publication that lists the particulars for every occupation. It is very well organized and can provide you with demographic data relative to your location as well as the national averages for things like income averages and working conditions.


nursing programs online

The biggest concern of people these days is to have a job that they can rely on no matter how the economy is going. Just the way thousands of people were forced out of their jobs in the recent recession that hit America, people are seriously concerned about this matter. And this is why one of the best jobs ever is that of

This is one job that no matter how the economy is going there will always be sick people and elderly people who will need to be taken care of. Apart from that recently there has been a sharp drop in the availability of nurses. This has further given an incentive to people to join this field. Then there are so many schools offering online nursing course that people can easily start studying while in their homes.

If you want to enter the profession of nursing, you will need to start by first becoming an LPN. LPN stands for licensed practical nurse and is the very basic exam needed to become a nurse. This exam basically is made up of two portions, a written examThe written exam is completely theoretical and has to be prepared by taking classes for a fixed duration which are counted in terms of credit hours.

This portion of the exam can very easily be done while sitting home through online nursing course. The second portion of the exam revolves around the clinical part in which you need to get actual experience working with real patients so you can learn how to apply all your theoretical knowledge to daily scenarios. This part can only be prepared by going to a real hospital or any other kind of health care facility.

Once you earn you LPN degree than you can join the nurse’s workforce.

However working as an LPN will not get you too far and you won’t be able to get any promotions and hence no salary rise. For that you will need to become an RN which is aOnce you gain enough working experience as an LPN then you can apply for this exam.

nursing programs online

On successfully completion you will be awarded the status of registered nurse which will entitle you to more diverse work which involves administrative tasks as well. You will also enjoy a higher salary along with more opportunities for growth and development. This too can easily be done through any online nursing course.

All this explains why more and more people are taking upThis field is quite easy to enter and can be done at any stage of life. Then the biggest incentive is that you can study while sitting home. Once you pass the exam you will be on a great career path.



The field of nursing is very vast including all sorts of specialized areas and all sorts of institutes where nurses are need. You can work in a hospital or you can choose to work in more interesting areas like in the forensic department or with an airline to ensure someone is on board in case of any emergency faced by the passengers or you can work with a number of private health care facilities and private clinics. The range of jobs are limitless and the salary that you get also ranges from all these different jobs further depending on what education level you have and how much experience you have got. Furthermore online nursing classes have made entering this profession all the more easy.

A nurse practitioner is the very basic job post that you can get when you are fresh into this field. If you are interested in joining you have to start by taking online nursing classes related to LPN degrees. LPN basically stands for licensed practical nurse and is the very first step that you have to take before you can think of further excelling in this field. It all starts from this stage. It is the very basic requirement and no state will allow you to work as a nurse until you have passed this exam. Some states say that you can sit for this exam if you have a high school diploma in your hand while other states have other requirements.

Once you become a nurse practitioner by passing the LPN exam you should gain enough experience on this post. Once you feel confident enough in your work experience than you should consider taking the exam of RN. An RN is a registered nurse which enjoys a higher status than a simple nurse practitioner. You can also attend classes for RN through online nursing classes. You will enjoy more administrative work at this post. The higher authorities will also consider you for growth and career advancement promotions.


People all over the country are fast enrolling in online nursing classes considering the rate at which the jobs are opening for nurses all over.

This is one job that is totally global. If you have the experience you can go anywhere in the world and you will still be able to get a good job. Plus the work of a nurse is a very noble job. It is quite respected and rewarding when patients give back immense love for all the care that you give them.


nursing job programs

What could be a better time to get a degree in nursing than now? With so many learning opportunities easily available right in our homes along with the increased financial facilities and not to forget the huge demand for nurses that has been picked up by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. They have shown us that the demand for nurses with continue to increase in the years to come.

Nursing has been termed as one of the largest occupation in health care with close to a million job openings coming up. It’s time that all those people who have been contemplating a career change make a move now along with all those fresh high school students who are still deciding which career to choose. Degree in nursing online has made everything even more simple and affordable.

If you haven’t joined any other career yet and are still in your education phase than your best option would be to earn a bachelor degree in nursing. This is one of those programs that promise the most number of opportunities for growth and in terms of salary package as well. In fact there are specific promotions and advancement opportunities along with other career paths that are only open to those nurses who have a bachelor degree in nursing. If you are looking to gain some administrative posts in hospitals than again your bachelor degree will be beneficial for you. Further more in the future if you wish to pursue any research program, masters degree, teaching, consulting or any other clinical specialization than again a bachelor degree will be the main prerequisite to get in. You can easily find any degree in nursing online from the most reputed universities as well. has more details about it.

It used to be that the main entry – level requirement for nurses was to pass the LPN exam which makes them a licensed practical nurse. But recently the National League for Nursing is emphasizing that the standard should be changed from LPN to at least a bachelor degree for entering in to this field. This is because these bachelor students gain more knowledge in many diversified areas like critical care, public health, ambulatory care, and mental health. It also empowers you with more employment flexibility. Further more you can choose any specific area that you are most interested in like care in neurology, cardiac, obstetric nursing, neonatal and oncology etc. All this can be achieved easily from degree in nursing online.

nursing job programs

Considering the pace at which the health care industry is changing now nursing is no longer limited to just the patient care rather it goes as far ahead as to include clinical research in it as well. You will not only be bound to work in hospitals rather you will find a whole variety of employers looking for nurses with your qualification. All this can be done while staying home over your own computer through a degree in nursing online.